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The World Of GV

If you have no idea who I am, why the hell are you reading this?

Ok, it's your web time. I'm known as GV. This is short for GV1200. The name comes from the model number of the Madura 1200. Some people may consider me a biker, some a motorcycle enthusiast and even some will even call me a poser. It's up to you to decide what category you put me in. I know who I am and tend not to title myself in one category. I ride. I live to ride. I live to take my 85 Madura places and meet new people and old friends. Many of you know me via the clubs or Internet communities I belong to. Some know me via business. Then there are the ones that know me and are worried about what I might say.

This web page is a sample of what my world is. So welcome to the World Of GV. 


Where am I going with this?

As time goes you will also find photos of my Maduras in front of many places you may recognize. See if you know any of these places. The stories are not of any wildly exotic places or any famous people. They are just your average neighbor, your average man or woman on the street. Everyone has a story. Sometimes they need to be told and sometimes it shouldn't be told but is told anyway .

Life is what you make of it. If you live it with a remote in your hand, you are missing out. Get off your deadass and go meet your neighbor and don't forget to bring beer. I am not promoting drinking as I don't drink very much. What I am promoting is everyone experiencing life with what they have in their own backyard. This is what I have always done and highly recommend it.

Life, it can be better than cable.



Above: One of my slower bikes from the LATE RIDE

As time goes you will also find photos of my Maduras in front of many places you may know. See if you know any of these places.

For those who don't know, let's straighten it out.

Let's get something straight. I do not own or ride a Harley. There are many reasons. The biggest and main reason is I did not have 10 grand sitting around gathering dust when I started to ride, many years ago. I ride a vintage 1985 Suzuki Madura. The fact that I ride a 20 plus year old Jap bike will not be changing anytime soon. There is talk of me building a custom rigid Shovelhead (I started the talk). But that will not replace my Madura, and it will never be my main ride. So to set the record straight for those of you who do not know shit about bikes, I do not ride a Harley! Oh, and the custom rigid will have to wait till the Keg Bike is done. And that is yet another story.

Today I am extremely grateful I don't ride the infamous V-twin. I would have never met some of the most incredible people and characters that I have in my life. I feel that I have been duly rewarded for not being just another black sheep in another flock of black sheep. (That comment is based upon Harley's latest commercial, why didn't they get Elton John to sing in the back ground?)


Are you asking yourself "What is a Madura?"

A Madura is a little known motorcycle of the mid-eighties. It was manufactured by Suzuki to compete with the Honda Magna. The V-Max was on the drawing board at Yamaha the same time the Madura was on the Suzuki drawing board. All of the above mentioned bikes are V-4 cruisers. It is a pretty well accepted fact that the V-max is the fastest of the three. In my opinion and from what I have read the Madura would be #2. I know many will argue but they won't change my mind.